The Modern Marriage…, fun, fun……make yours one too….

Your wife….your wedding ring….she is at her week-long annual company retreat… are at your office and get this picture /text from her boss…… “hey buddy, your wife told us about your constant requests for her to be your hotwife…..we are happy to help make your fantasy real…..after all that is what team building is all about…’s going to be a great week…I’ll send you more pics later… are certainly going to have a great time trying to recapture her hot, sexy married body….”

The Modern Marriage… doesn’t get hotter than this….make yours one too…..

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Are you a Cuckold?

Have heard about cuckolding and wondered if you might be a secret cuckold or at least want to be and not even know it. Maybe you’re just in denial or confused but we put together this list of the Top 5 Ways to Tell if You’re a Cuckold.

If any of these apply to you than odds that means you have cuckold tendencies and don’t even know it.

1. You Jerk Off Picturing Your Wife with Other Men

2. When You Go Out with Your Wife You Hope She Flirts

3. You Buy Her Outfits Knowing They Are Revealing

4. You Get Hard When Your Friends Say She’s Hot

5. Your Idea of a Threesome is Two Guys and Your Wife

If any two of these applied to you than you’ll probably love cuckolding and should let your wife know to share your fantasy and to make it true.

WELL…. are you??